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CheckIt and CheckIt Pro PlugIns

FREE Apps Included with BookTrakker Pro and Network Editions
CheckIt can be found by clicking Online in BookTrakker, then clicking the dropdown button to the right of Plugins.

Harmonizes records with Amazon.

1. Downloads replacement ASIN's and ISBN's from your Amazon account into BookTrakker to manage your changes with the correct product ID's. After updating, records will be set for upload.
2. Displays a list of Amazon records not in BookTrakker. These may be records that have Sold or are listed in BookTrakker as Not Available. 
3. Displays a list of records where the price in BookTrakker is not the same as on Amazon. Prices on Amazon may be higher or lower than in BookTrakker. 
4. Displays a list of records not on Amazon, then allows you to clear the ASIN's or ISBN's to relist as matched or new product detail pages. Or you can edit the records to fix.
5. CheckIt Instructions

CheckIt Pro
Finds mismatched records on Amazon.

1. CheckIt Pro is used to make sure that your Amazon records are consistent in various ways with your BookTrakker Database with respect to what Author, Title, Publisher, Cover and Date is associated with a given ASIN or ISBN in BookTrakker and on Amazon.

CheckIt Pro finds these mismatched records and enables you to delete them from Amazon, remove the ASIN or ISBN, and set them for reupload for matching or creating a new product detail page.
2. CheckIt Pro also identifies records in BookTrakker that have ASINís or ISBNís that are no longer in use on Amazon and the records in BookTrakker are not listed. BT Orphans. You can set them for reupload with the ASIN or ISBN deleted from the record.
3. CheckIt Pro Instructions

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