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Comparison of Book Inventory Management Programs

Chart Abbreviations for Programs:   BookTrakker v3.7 (BT 3.7)   Homebase 3.0 (HB 3.0)   Homebase 2.3 (HB 2.3)

*See below chart for numbered entries
BT 3.7 HB 3.0 HB 2.3 Descriptions of Function where applicable
Requires an Account for ISBN Lookup Pro Merchant account for Amazon data, Pro & Network. ISBNdb.com for all versions. 

Customer Management

Cloning (Copying) Records Copy Last Displayed Record or type in Record Number, or CTRL-D on current record.
13-digit ISBN Lookup    
Quantity Field    
Hit List Capability  4     
Spell Check    
Amazon Book Loader format    
Full Screen Data Entry   Set the screen size of the data entry form
Copy Category with Record Copy  
Copy field Data CTRL-R during New or Edit Record mode  to copy previous record field data. 
Full Network Capability 2    
Easy on the eyes     Large fonts, real estate around the fields, color control
Active Development with Regular Updates     10 Updates since 1998, as well as additional plugins
OneClick Upload to Multiple Sites 1     28 predefined sites plus custom sites that accept UIEE or Amazon file
User Control of Upload files     User control over the UIEE upload files. What fields and where
sFTP Uploads to BN.com     Free with BookTrakker 3.7 Pro or Network subscription
ASIN Lookup     ASIN lookup for Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk
Amazon Inventory Loader format     ISBN/ASIN, Condition and Comments
Custom Amazon Uploads 3     Create New Product Detail pages on Amazon with ISBN or Match existing records
Amazon Uploads to CA & UK     Book Loader and Inventory Loader files
Separate Edition and Printing Fields     They are not the same!
Separate ISBN and ASIN Fields     If both are present then ASIN uploads to Amazon only. ASIN does not upload to other services
Action Hit Lists 5     Make global changes to selected records
Multiple Prices 6     Three prices for different sites or In-Store operations
Title/Subtitle Fields     255 characters each field
Multiple Description Fields 7     Three large fields with 65,000 characters per field
Topic Field for Additional Online Catalogs 8     Can be used for shelf location in a B&M store as well as catalogs online
Limited FBA Support 9     Upload FBA records to Amazon 
User Support most days of the year 10     Weekends and Holidays included, email and sometimes phone
Custom Premium Support     Special situations not covered elsewhere. Requires a small charge
Custom User Defined Catalogs     Create professional print catalogs
Custom Amazon Comments 11      
Optional Amazon Comments      
Management of Amazon Discrepancies 15     Free with BookTrakker 3.7 Pro or Network subscription
Multiple Status Choices 12     Available = For Sale, any other Status removes the record 
Store Credit Management     Track per customer store credit for trade-in of books
Wants Management      
Site Mediation 13     Mediate disputes with the sites, or help out with site problems
Image Scanning     Requires TWAIN Interface
Database Diagnostics 14     SendDB icon on the desktop
Source &  Spine field     Where you got the book & what the spine looks like so you can find it
Date Sold & Price Sold     Records date the book is marked Sold and the Retail Price at the time of sale
1. OneClick Upload to Multiple Sites Click a button to upload to all sites at once, including Amazon. No need to go to the websites to upload your listings.
2.  Full Network Capability  Network allows you to have two or more users doing data entry at the same time. Built-in, no need to download additional software.
3. Custom Amazon Uploads Custom Amazon uploading includes the ability to include/exclude Edition, Illustrator or ISBN in the Book Loader upload file.
4.  Hit List Capability Hit Lists enable you to work with a subset of your records based on one or more Search Criteria.
5.  Action Hit Lists Action Hit lists allow you to make global changes to data.
6. Multiple Prices Multiple Prices lets you assign up to four different prices per record. This enables you to have different prices online.                
7. Multiple Description Fields Multiple Description fields enables more choice in how data is displayed.
8. Topic Field for Additional Online Catalogs The Topic Field provides extra choices for creating Online Catalogs at Chrislands sites and others.
9.  Limited FBA Support Set records for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) only, or FBA and other online sites.
10. User Support most days of the year Support via email from 6:30 AM to 10 PM, EST,  Sundays & Holidays included. We do take a few days off. Phone support Monday - Saturday, 9:30AM - 3:30PM, EST.
11. Custom Amazon Comments User- defined Comments for Amazon. Pick what fields to use in what order. Or use the Amazon Item Note field for Amazon only.
12. Multiple Status Choices Available, Sold, On Hold, Special, Avail Dup, Auction, Missing, Removed, In Store, Pending, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).
13. Site Mediation Support helps users resolve conflicts between users and the sites. May require a support charge.
14. Database Diagnostics: Users can upload their database to support so both the user and support are viewing the same issue together. Eliminates confusion. 
15. Management of Amazon Discrepancies Purchase of CheckIt enables users to download correct ASIN's and ISBN's into their database, verify what records are on Amazon that should not, and what records are not on Amazon and should. Purchase of CheckIt Pro enables users to find and fix records where their is a substantial material difference between the Title, Author, Publisher, Date Published or Cover (Binding). It also identifies and fixes orphan records in BookTrakker where the ASIN or ISBN on Amazon is no longer in use. 

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