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Overview & Features
TitlesDirect.com, Inc., developer of BookTrakker™, provides inventory, wants and contacts management software solutions for independent online booksellers, used and rare bookstores, antiquarian bookshops and book collectors.  2019 marks its 23rd year of continuous operation.

Development is driven by changes in the used and rare bookselling trade, requests by users of the software, and technical advances and modifications by selling venues.

BookTrakker Editions are recommended for e-commerce online booksellers, used and rare bookstores, book collectors and private libraries. 
Six editions are available via Subscription, each offering different levels of functionality: 

  Free Edition 
  Basic (does uploads to all services other than BN)
  BookTrakker Pro
  BookTrakker Pro Network
  Basic Collector
  Advanced Collector    

The full program offers online uploads, inventory, wants, contacts, and sales tracking management, as well as catalog creation, invoicing and business analysis reports.  
All BookTrakker Software is provided through online downloads, meaning that a product box, CD and manuals will not be shipped. After download and installation, the program resides on the user’s desktop computer.

Most BookTrakker users, also known as "Trakkers," are E-Commerce online booksellers that sell a wide range of subject matter worldwide. They love books.  They love dealing in books. They also like to make a profit.

Since 1998, we've been helping them achieve their goals by supplying them with the right tools for selling on Amazon, Abebooks, Alibris, TomFolio and many other online selling sites, including their own websites. 

If you are thinking about selling books online or wanting to get more professional tools to step up your online bookselling you've come to the right site and we're looking forward to your joining this bookselling community.

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BookTrakker software is now sold exclusively by online Subscription managed through the App Manager Dashboard accessed from within all BookTrakker Editions.

APP Manager Dashboard
Consolidates information on and access buttons for: Your Account, Subscription Information, Edition, Current Version and Installed Version, Check for Updates, Download and Install Apps and Updates, Upload Error Log, Subscription Renewal Date, Amazon MWS Seller Account Registration, and MWS Registration Help.

Sample Database - Inventory Records are pre-filled with sample data for users to become acquainted with the program before entering their own data.

Initial Import - Upon request BookTrakker Support may be able to perform the entire initial import of your current data into BookTrakker for you, including conversion into Amazon format, ready for upload. No charge.  

Uploads and Exports

  One-Click Uploads to 28 (plus or minus) online selling sites, including Amazon MarketPlace
  Capable of adding on new services, including your own website. 
  Upload new, deleted or changed inventory to a Single Service or to Multiple Sites with the click of one button.
  Online Services Wizard is used in setting up many different Online Services.

Data Entry from a Remote Computer, Import into Main

BookTrakker supports two Multi-User/Networking models; Remote Data Entry and Local Area Network. BookTrakker Network includes all features in BookTrakker Pro PLUS Multi-User Networking so Multiple users can enter data simultaneously on a Local Area Network. This is two or more users accessing the same database at the same time. 

Data Entry

  Record Numbers:  Numeric or Alpha-Numeric Record Numbers can be used.
  Record Status:  Change to Sold, Available or On Hold, and more, by typing in one letter, or CTRL key plus one letter for Alphanumeric. 
  Record Field Navigation:  Choice of Tab or Enter Key to move through fields.
  Record Tab Order:  Change tab order to suit you, or if you want to help speed data entry.
  Record Tab Order:  Customizable Tab Orders can be saved for each user and for specific tasks.
  Record Field Lengths:  Fields are longer than what you usually find in Book Inventory Software to allow for more complete and accurate data.
  Built-in editing features streamline workflow and can be turned off, if desired.
  Context-sensitive Help
  Keyword entry: recommended limit of 10 fields, up to 100 characters entry
  Source, Shelved, and Spine description fields.
  Auto-Edit Auto-Fill and Auto-Match Fields:    
          Auto Edit Pre-loaded with: 75+ editions
          Auto Fill Pre-loaded with: 100+ printings
          Auto Match Pre-loaded with: 5500+ publishers
Add or delete entries to the lists
Correct previous entries
Turn On and Off

  Retain Oft-used Phrases: Save often used phrases for inclusion in Defects, Features, and Notes.
  Quantity field for managing listing and sales of duplicate copies.
  Spell Checker.
  Character Map for inserting unusual characters often used in books.

Image Scanning 
  Up to 23 images per Inventory Record; one thumbnail image appears in the Inventory record form for easy book identification.

ISBNs and ASINs 
  Barcode Scanning of ISBN's. Data from Amazon for Pro or Network if you have a Pro Merchant Account, otherwise ISBNdb.com.
  Accepts 12- and 13-digit ISBNs.

Global Editing and Multi-Pricing 
  For changing prices in all listings OR create Hit Lists and change some of the prices. 

Sorting and Filtering
  Hit Lists are used to perform a variety of functions based on a user's set of criteria to: narrow down a search for a type of book; perform Actions on the database; and select records for printing a List or Catalog. 
  Automatic Hit List and Catalog Updates. Save time and better serve customers with automatically updated Catalogs and customized lists.
  Show and Sort drop-down boxes quickly sort and filter records.

List View and Column Manager for Inventory, Contacts and Wants
  View records and reorganize what fields you want to see and how they are arranged.
  Remove, add and rearrange columns.

  Create, Customize, Preview and Print professional looking catalogs.
  Create Multiple Catalogs that can be set up to automatically update existing catalogs with new inventory.

  Mailing Labels
  Shipping Labels
  Packing Slips
  Quotes - print or email

  Detail and List views are available in Wants
  View Wants by Customer.
  Sales History by Client.
  List View provides offers a customizable view with printing capabilities.
  Wants by Customer View shows all the Wants for a given Customer. Choosing a Want from the List opens it in Details for viewing.


  Track trade credit history & books purchased.
  Bookstore credit manager.
  View credit log and balance.
  Credit balance appears on Invoice Details screen.

  Use your own Logo.
  Automatically fills in previous customer or creates new customer.
  Back-calculates discounts.
  Keeps records for online and in-store sales.

Reports -   Business Analyses Reports are accessible on the PlugIns Tab.

Browser  -   Built-in Browser with Links to book related sites.

  CheckIt will enable you to download the ASIN's or ISBN's that Amazon has assigned to your records, as well as find books listed on Amazon not in BookTrakker or listed in BookTrakker but not on Amazon. CheckIt will also compare prices between BookTrakker and Amazon and tell you when there are differences. Very useful if your prices do not match! Free with BookTrakker 3.7 Pro or Network.

  CheckIt Pro identifies mismatched records where you have one title and Amazon has something different. And/or Author, Publisher, Cover and Date. It also finds records in BookTrakker with ASIN's or ISBN's that are no longer valid on Amazon. Free with BookTrakker 3.7 Pro or Network.

  GrabItis included free with the installation of BookTrakker V 3.7 Pro or Network. Requires an Amazon Pro Merchant account to work.

  GrabIt! is an external program, called a PlugIn, used in conjunction with BookTrakker to retrieve bibliographical data from the Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca database for ISBN and ASIN lookup. GrabIt! can also be used for pricing and repricing using the Amazon  databases, as well as ASIN matching for same. 

Full Network Capability - two or more users can do data entry at the same time. Built-in, no need to download additional software.

Evaluate the Free Trial before Purchase. 

Comprehensive Live Support 

Multiple Prices for assigning up to four different prices per record for different prices online.


Hit Lists to work with a subset of records based on one or more Search Criteria.

Action Hit Lists to make global changes

OneClick Upload to all sites at once, including Amazon. 

Four optional Fields

Custom Amazon Uploads with capability to include/exclude Edition, Illustrator or ISBN in the Book Loader upload file.

Multiple Status Choices Available, Sold, On Hold, Special, Avail Dup, Auction, Missing, Removed, In Store, Pending, FBA 

Multiple Description Fields for more choice in how data is displayed.

Topic Field provides extra choices for creating Online Catalogs at Chrislands sites and others.

FBA Support (Limited) Set records for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) only, or FBA and other online sites.

Site Mediation 
Support helps users resolve conflicts between users and the sites. May require a support charge.

Database Diagnostics - Users can upload their database to support so both the user and support are viewing the same issue together. Eliminates confusion. 

Generate Customizable Catalogs - save formats for multiple Catalogs - automatically updated 

Custom Amazon Comments  
User- defined Comments for Amazon. Pick what fields to use in what order. 
Or use the Amazon Item Note field for Amazon only.

Management of Amazon Discrepancies Purchase of CheckIt enables users to download correct ASIN's and ISBN's into their database, verify what records are on Amazon that should not, and what records are not on Amazon and should. Purchase of CheckIt Pro enables users to find and fix records where their is a substantial material difference between the Title, Author, Publisher, Date Published or Cover (Binding). It also identifies and fixes orphan records in BookTrakker where the ASIN or ISBN on Amazon is no longer in use. 


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