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BookTrakker Sample Screen Shots 

There are images in the FREE TRIAL you may not see once you purchase an Edition or continue to use BookTrakker FREE, because each Edition offers a different mix of features.  Features not offered in any Edition are dimmed.

Sample Screen Shots give you a feel for the software. Actual active screens vary between Editions, and may be dimmed if a feature is not available in that Edition. Field lengths optimized for easy operation and data entry.
Every bit of information has its own field, making for easier, more accurate data entry. Four optional fields for your own use. 
Customize your screen view with your own colors. If you prefer a purple background with pink text, go for it. Color-tested by users to reduce eye strain. 

Click image to enlarge, then click Back on your computer to close larger image.

Image - BookTrakker Inventory Detail View
Inventory Detail View

Image - BookTrakker Inventory List View
List View
add, remove, or 
easily rearrange columns

31_LISTviewchanged700.jpg (95666 bytes)
List View
an example
of rearranged columns

31_WANTSview700.jpg (73811 bytes)
Wants View

31-WANTSBYCUST700.jpg (54604 bytes)
Wants by Customer View

31-WANTSLISTVIEW700.jpg (41739 bytes)
Wants List View

31_contactsdetailview700.jpg (71038 bytes)
Contacts View

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