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BookTrakker Professional Inventory Management Software


Operating Systems
BookTrakker is designed to run on Windows;  you can, however, run it on a MAC after installing Windows - read info below:

•  Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) 
 Windows 11

THREE CHOICES - ALL Require Windows to be installed.  Performance will vary, it is generally best to use a PC.

•  Install and use a Windows emulator to use program, or  

•  Purchase an iMac with the Intel chip and install Windows 10 or 11

•  Parallels Software or VMWare Fusion and install Windows  10 or 11


System Requirements

The faster the CPU, the more RAM you have installed, the faster/larger the hard drive, or even an SSD, all this adds up to much better performance, especially for larger databases. An SSD (Solid State Drive) really speeds up the program, as there is no mechanical searching for data. An SSD is similar to a giant memory chip.  We cannot stress enough how much of an impact on performance an SSD will have, so we highly recommend them.

•  Intel or AMD processor less than 5 years old (newer and faster is better) Larger databases require more CPU.  We recommend at least a Core i3 with SSD at minimum however a Core i5 or better is desired.  AMD Ryzen series CPUs are a good alternative
•  At least 8 GB of RAM  The more the better.
•  25GB of available hard-disk space
•  1024X768 or higher screen resolution

•  1.15 GB at installation.  Database size will vary with number of records stored.

•  1 GB/sec or better wired network.

WiFi is not officially supported due to lack of reliability and potential for poor performance.

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