Replacing or Adding a Computer to an Existing Account, for Basic, Pro and Collector Editions.


1. Backup your current database onto a flash drive, using the Backup BT Database icon on your desktop:

Backup to a flash drive that you have plugged into your computer.

2. If you have images you need to transfer to the new computer then open App Manager and click the Utilities tab at the top:

Then click the Backup Image Files button, bottom right corner:

Click OK:

Navigate to the flash drive you plugged in for the database backup.

It can be helpful to create a folder for the Images, so click the Make New Folder button, provide a name like ‘Images’ and press enter.

You may need to select this folder after creating it to ensure the files go into that folder.

 Once you are ready to back up the images, click OK:

This will back up all your images to the flash drive. It may take a while if you have a lot of images.

3. Go to then click the button to Download and Install App Manager.


4. After installation this form will popup:

5. Click on Existing User, then click the Next button:

6. A new form will appear. Select the top choice, then click Restore Data:

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7. Click the little button on the right of the Restore Files form:

8. Navigate to the flash drive, then select your backup file, then click Open:


9. Click OK to Restore your Database:

10. To get:

11. Next step is to restore your images, if you have them:

If no images to restore then click No, and go to Step 12.

If you have images click Yes, then find the flash drive you used to backup your images:

Click OK.

12. Finish the installation of all Apps:

Click OK.