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GrabIt! App Instructions

GrabIt!  is included free with the installation of BookTrakker V 3.7 Pro or Network. 
Requires an Amazon Pro Merchant account to work.

Additional information and help tutorials
are accessible from within the BookTrakker Program by clicking on the Apps button on the Inventory page.

GrabIt! is an external program, called an App, used in conjunction with BookTrakker to retrieve bibliographical data from the Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca database for ISBN and ASIN lookup. GrabIt! can also be used for pricing and repricing using the Amazon  databases, as well as ASIN matching for same. 

GrabIt! performs four basic operations, using the Amazon.com database, or in the case of ASIN/ISBN lookup, the Amazon.co.uk database as well: 

  1. ASIN/ISBN/BASIN Lookup with pricing. 

  2. Updating of the Amazon Open Listings Report after import into BookTrakker. 

  3. BASIN matching and ASIN matching/ASIN searching to add  ASINís to the BookTrakker database.

  4. Repricing of one or more prices in BookTrakker.

We have a GrabIt! User Group  for discussions of GrabIt! operation and  announcements. 
To join, click this link user group and after the Yahoo! page opens, click the Join This Group!, button located at the upper right of the screen. 

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