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ImageIt! App Instructions

Image Management is a very time consuming element of selling Books Online, and the ImageIt! Image Manager eliminates all the hassle of adding Images to your Listings.  We all know that Images sell books, so the major reason many do not add images is the hassle factor.  ImageIt! eliminates that hassle factor by taking care of all the Image Management Tasks that come after the point at which the Image is saved to your Drive.

BookTrakker and ScanIt both support most Scanners as well as importing from a Camera via Files, and ScanIt offers tools for Cropping and manipulating the Image, automatically associating the Image with the Book when the Image is saved.  Multiple Image Types (Inner Cover, DJ, Signatures etc.) are supported and the only practical limit is due to limitations on various Listing Sites that often allow up to 5 or so images.

ImageIt! then steps in during the Upload Process to automatically upload the images to the Image Hosting Server and then inserts the appropriate URL into the Listings Files so the Images appear with the Listing.  This is normally a very time consuming process that is entirely automatic to subscribers of the ImageIt! Image Manager app.  It pays for itself within a very short time for most users.

ImageIt!  is available as a Subscription for an additional $10/mo or $15/mo, depending on where the images are hosted.  If the subscription includes Image Hosting on the BookTrakker Image Server the cost is $15/mo, if the Hosting is not desired then the Image Management Functionality is $10/mo.

BookTrakker Image Manager  

Additional information and help tutorials
are accessible from within the BookTrakker Program by clicking on the Help Menu on the Inventory page.

ImageIt! has two levels, the first which requires a Third Party Image Hosting Server and the second which provides the Image Hosting Server. 

ImageIt! greatly simplifies the management of images associated with Book Listings. When ImageIt! is active the images of a book are automatically uploaded to the Image Server and the URL of the Image is inserted into the Upload File for processing by the Listing Site.

  1. If using a Scanner or Camera, use the Acquire Image or Scan Image functions in BookTrakker or ScanIt to load the Image into BookTrakker.

  2. When the Image is satisfactory, click the Save button. 

  3. Upload Listings as usual with the One-Click Upload Process BookTrakker is famous for.

  4. Enjoy increased sales of Books!

We have a User Group  for discussions of BookTrakker operation and  announcements. It is restricted to Subscribers, so Inquire about how to join when you are ready to move forward.

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