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Order Processing - Ensure Peace of Mind!

BookTrakker Order Processing requires ScanIt - Subscribers can download order information from at least 4 services - Amazon, ABE, Biblio and Ebay. 
Amazon Order Processing Requires an Amazon Pro Merchant account to function.
Order Processing ensures that all open Orders are processed with the click of a button. A Pick List is provided during the Upload Verification process.

See Video of Order Processing in Action to get a sense of how easy and painless it is

BookTrakker Sell Books Dialog

BookTrakker now supports downloading of Orders from supported Online Services.  To start the process, the Sell button on the main form is clicked and will show the Sell Books Window as shown above.  This supports manual as well as automated Order Processing; for those that do not have a Subscription to ScanIt the system supports entry of SKUs to add to the List for further processing.

The Peace of Mind that comes from knowing that all your Orders have been processed for these four sites should easily make the ScanIt Subscription Fee worth it.  That makes all the rest of the ScanIt functionality even more valuable!


BookTrakker Getting Orders Progress Dialog

When the Get Orders button is clicked, a Progress Window will appear providing feedback regarding the progress of the process.


BookTrakker Verify Upload Dialog

Once the Download and Processing is Complete the Verify Uploads window will appear with Buttons to View the Pick List and Upload to All Online Services.  The Window is divided into an upper section with most Online Services represented, with the lower section showing the records that will go to Ebay.  This provides a Safety Mechanism that ensures that the Uploaded Data is correct.  This is where the Peace of Mind comes from, it prevents most listing errors that might otherwise slip by.


BookTrakker Pick List Dialog

The Pick List is a Printable list of the books that must be gathered to fullfill the Order.  If the Shelved Field in BookTrakker is populated with the location of the Book in the physical inventory then it will be an easy matter to find it, especially if the Spine field is used to provide a descriptoin of the Spine for easy identification on the Shelf.

Once the books are gathered it is a simple matter to fulfill the Order.


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