Using Homebase 2.3 for ISBN Collection, then Importing into BookTrakker


Read carefully before attempting to do this. These instructions assume you are familiar with using Homebase.

For the first time you do this you might want to backup your database: Close BookTrakker. Do Backup BTPro Database on your desktop. Make sure you actually have a backup, and the size is large enough for your database. (Minimum size of the backup file should be 1.6MB. Smaller than that and it did not work)

The following instructions will explain how to use Homebase 2.3 for doing data entry, then importing into BookTrakker. See instructions at
importing data from Homebase. Because the Homebase database file is so small, users may want to switch to Homebase 2 for initial data entry from a remote location, and then copy the hbdata.hbd onto a floppy for later import into BookTrakker.

You need to know the last record number in BookTrakker for this to work.

Starting with Homebase

1. Export one record as Homebase.txt format. Name it EmptyHomebase.txt You may need to do this twice, once to clear out records ready for export, then after updating one record, a second export.
2. Import this file: File>Import/Export>Import, doing a Zap/Delete import. You will find the file, EmptyHomebase.txt in the Homebase\Export folder, if Homebase doesn't default to this. Click Yes, Do not Backup, close the error form, No to automatic record numbers.
3. You now have one record in the database. Delete this by clicking the X on the menu bar. Confirm.
4. Click the + at the top, to add a record. Type in your last Record Number in BookTrakker + 1. Click Save, then Yes, Yes, OK.
5. Click on the wrench icon at the top, 3rd from the right. Click on the Editing tab, place a check in Automatically generate Book ID's. Click Apply, Yes, OK.
6. Update the current record, using ABE's ISBN lookup feature, save the results. If you are just using Homebase for data entry, then ignore the ISBN lookup. Everything else applies.
7. Continue with adding new records until you are done. Close Homebase, open BookTrakker.
8. Do File > Import. Select Homebase 2. Find the hbdata.hbd file. Click the yellow folder button on the right, navigate to the location of the hbdata.hbd file. Its either in C:\Homebase or hb2 or C:\Program Files\Homebase or hb2. You only do this once, BookTrakker will remember the location the next time you select Homebase 2 from the dropdown list. Click Map Import fields if you need to edit mapping. Make sure Publisher Year is Mapped into DateAlpha.
9. Import into BookTrakker. New records should appear at the end of the BookTrakker inventory. Make sure of this before clicking Finish.
10. Do a Hit List to set new records to List Online = Yes.

Hit List to set new records to List Online = Yes:

Click the Hit Lists tab along the left side of the Inventory screen. Click New. When the Name form appears, click OK. Notice the cursor blinking in the upper left under Search Field. Click on the dropdown button v and select Status. Look below to Range Type. In the Type field click the dropdown and select Numeric. The field to the right defaults to Book ID. To the right of this field is From: Type in the Book ID you started with in Homebase. The To: field should display the last Book ID in BookTrakker. Click Execute. You will now be in List View, check the Red Navigational Bar at the bottom to see if your Available/Range record count is correct. Next, click the Hit Lists tab again, look over to the upper right for the Action tab. Click this. Select List Online from the choices on the left side. Click Execute. Confirm. Now your records are set for Online. Click on the Red Hit List button at the top of your screen to Exit Hit Lists.
11. Edit records as necessary.
12. Repeat, starting with Step 2, for the next round of data entry using Homebase, ISBN or otherwise.