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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to transfer data from my old database?
These are the Files/File Formats that have been successfully imported into BookTrakker

  Amazon Open Listings Report 
  SellerEngine Version 3.5 
  HomeBase 2.3

A built-in Field Mapping Utility preprocesses data from your existing program into the appropriate fields in BookTrakker. 
Information on importing data into BookTrakker is available in the Help Resource Center.

What upload file format does BookTrakker use?
Tab delimited or UIEE for Amazon, and UIEE format for the rest. Users control the output over the UIEE file.

Does BookTrakker support image scanning and storage?
You can scan in and manage up to 23 images per inventory listing and can choose to display a thumbnail view in the record. The Scanning Window has an adjustable slider to control the Image Quality/File Size tradeoff, and the results may be viewed instantly to judge the effect of the QualitySetting. Images are stored in the JPEG file format. 

Can I turn off AutoEditing?
Yes. It can be turned OFF and ON. 

Does BookTrakker have a spell checker?
The Spell Checker is activated by pressing Ctrl-S in the fields in which it is available(Title, Subtitle, Defects, Features, Notes, etc.), and you can add your own words to theCustomer Dictionary.

Will BookTrakker recognize when I enter a record similar to one thatalready exists in my database and then retrieve the information to reduce the amountof data to be entered?
If you enter an Author and Title that matches data in an existing record, anOption Box opens asking if the user wants the New Record to be copied from theold record. Additionally, you can create a New Record by directly copying an old record. 

Does BookTrakker have a zip code lookup feature?
City and State automatically fill in when a valid Zip Code is entered to further save you data entry time. 

Does BookTrakker provide an integrated backup solution?
BookTrakker has an option to Backup the Database when the program isshut down, and it also may be backed up via an Icon available from the Windows StartMenu. 

Can I quickly get a list of the books that a customer has purchased?
The Customer Record includes a list of the books purchased by the Customer.

Can I print lists of records easily?
BookTrakker has many methods of printing Data, all of which are easy to use and readily accessible. 

Does BookTrakker prevent the accidental overwriting of an Upload File that didnot get processed by the Online Service?
BookTrakker offers OverWrite Protection to prevent the Upload File frombeing overwritten in the event of a failure by the Online Service to process the previousUpload File. If the previous file was not processed, BookTrakker automaticallyrenames the previous File to prevent conflicts and to ensure that both Files are processedwhen the Online Service gets to the user's account. 

Can I view my Upload Files from within the program?
Recent Upload Files may be viewed to examine the data that was sent to theOnline Services. The last 10 Uploads are available for viewing.

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