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Uploading Files to AbeBooks 

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Uploading Files to AbeBooks
after clicking Process and Upload Records
Instructions for BookTrakker versions prior to 3.7

You can easily upload your files through your Members Menu:

1. [Sign On] to your bookseller account.

2. Click [Upload a Book or Picture File] from the 'My Books' section of the Menu.

3. On the Upload and List Client Pending Files screen, you will see the following:
"What file would you like to send us?" Press the [Browse] button - this will allow
you to search your computer and select the file you wish to upload.

4. Choose the file to send. Click the Browse button. A Choose File to Upload form will appear.

At the bottom you will see a field labeled File name. 
Copy the text below and paste it into this field: 

Click the Open button to the right. This will take you back to the ABEBooks upload page.

5. Finally, click the [Send File] button to transfer a copy of your file to our system.

6. CAVEAT: If you only upload to ABE then you need to create the upload file first.

7. After adding or editing records do File > Export > UIEE and click Start. Close the form
when the operation is finished. Then do steps 1 to 5.


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