Instructions to limit uploads to Alibris of under 1000 records, using BookTrakker version 3.4.930

Pay attention to the
red instructions!

Read carefully. Read it again.

I do this on Alibris to get under 1000 listings for $20 a year, plus the commission, plus $1 per sale. So far

it has paid off.

Caveat: Always upload to all services before doing a single service upload!!!!!

Do a Hit List of books you want on Alibris, making sure its some number less than the cutoff number. This

allows you to add books without worrying about exceeding the limit, then you rerun the Hit List as necessary

to get back to your upper limit on Alibris. I set my initial file to 950. You may have to do multiple Hit Lists to

get the records you want.

You want to pick an unused field to set for Alibris upload so you can run a Hit List on this field whenever you

need to reduce the count to your starting inventory.

After you find the Available records you want on Alibris do an Action, Change, [Field], Change to Alibris.

(I use Vol#, A, then do a Hit List on Vol# = A) (I do not upload Vol# to the services. The Optional Fields will

work as well)

Then do another Hit List, name it,  Status = Available,  Field = Alibris. (Or whatever designator you used)

Upload to Alibris only. Select Alibris in the list of Online Services. Click Process/Upload to Selected Service.

Then as you add records, if you want the item on Alibris type Alibris into that field.

Then, when you approach the listing limit on Alibris you rerun the Alibris Hit List, do an Action, Upload = Yes.

Upload again to Alibris only to lower the total.

You will also need to contact Alibris to do a purge, otherwise they will reject the smaller initial file. Once you

have your count to under 1000, the Hit List set for Upload will automatically replace what you have listed on

Alibris when you do the upload.

To avoid adding records to Alibris during normal data entry, uncheck Alibris as Active. Don't forget to recheck

Alibris if you need to do an upload to Alibris.