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Amazon Errors


Amazon Upload Error Messages, what they mean, how to "fix" them 

Compiled by Gwen Foss, Alan's Used Books, 2006; edited by BookTrakker Support

"Error SKU [Rec #] cannot be matched to an existing product for the following reason: [ , ]."

"Error This SKU does not exist in the Amazon.com catalog. Your inventory data was not processed."

"Error SKU [Rec #] provided was not active; price was not updated."

A record was uploaded with an ISBN or ASIN that does not match anything in the Amazon catalog, thus the listing was rejected.
The additional message about price not being updated is a red herring. 

"The amount value in the column price is invalid."


You uploaded 0 price to Amazon. Price and re-upload.


"Item with this SKU is already closed."


 This means either 1) you recently sold the item via Amazon and Amazon has already removed it from their system and your BookTrakker file is telling Amazon to remove it from their system but it already has been, or 2) you had a record already marked sold but before this upload you made some kind of edit to it, which automatically uploaded it, at which point Amazon saw that it was already a sold item (as indicated by a code in the record) so did not add it to your inventory. Either way, no action needs to be taken, or 3) you are reusing the record number after selling the previous copy of whatever the book was to start with. Do not do this. Copy the record to create a new record number.


"Item with this SKU is not found in our system."


 I got this error on an item that was already sold -- I don't know why it is different from the above error but my best guess is that when the item was first uploaded to Amazon it did not get added to their system and at the time I did not catch the fact and fix it, so it was never in their system, and now that it has sold, and I am uploading it as a sold item, Amazon can't find it in the first place. No action needs to be taken.


"Maximum number of characters allowed for the item is 80, rest is truncated."


 This is the most common error message I get. What it means is that when Amazon combines your Author and Title into one field -- which it does to every record -- it cuts off the info after the first 80 characters. This is not usually a problem but it does mean that if you have three or four names in the Author field of a particular record, the title might be cut off completely. I sort of get around this by listing no more than two names in the Author field (provided they are fairly short names) and putting any additional authors in the Notes field. By the way, Amazon classifies this message as a "warning," not an "error." Note: This is only a problem for zShops listings. Amazon doesn’t even use Author/Title info for Markeplace listings. To overcome this you can map Author/Title fields into the description field for zShops.


"The product id provided for the item is invalid."


 This refers to the information in the ISBN field. What is happening is that Amazon thinks the ISBN you put in your record is invalid or wrong, probably because the ISBN does not exist inside their own internal database. Almost all the items I have seen with this error were published by relatively small companies, or by companies outside the US. Move the ISBN out of the ISBN field and put it in the Notes field and make a BASIN for it. (Note: Once I got this message for an item with a BASIN for which *I* had made the BASIN. Sorry, I don't know why that would happen! I then put the item in manually.) You will also get this message if you have an incomplete ISBN. Check your data for each record that generates this error.

You may also get this message if you created a new page on Amazon, then uploaded the new BASIN to that page. Amazon needs 24 hours to register the new listing in its Catalog before it can accept a matching upload of the record containing the new BASIN. Reupload the records that generate this message.

"This product is not eligible for sale by third-party merchants."


 What this means is that the ISBN on your record is already registered on Amazon as being the ISBN of an item that was published outside of your country. There doesn't seem to be a way around this error apart from simply removing the ISBN from the ISBN field and putting it in the Notes field. (Yes, this will send your item into zShops but you might be able to make a BASIN for it if you are clever).


"The value in the column item-description is empty."


 Check the Amazon tab and make sure Marketplace is not checked. A record having nothing in the ISBN field and Marketplace checked on the Amazon tab will be blocked from uploading and will not appear even in zShops [from Andy]. Also, check the Amazon tab and make sure there is something in the Condition field [from Kathy Simpson].



 "The Product ID cannot be Modified."


You are uploading a different ISBN or BASIN than that which you previously uploaded. Set the record for removal, do your upload, wait until the listing is gone, then change the data in the ISBN field, set Status to Available, and upload again. 



Lastly, when you are halfway through making a BASIN and Amazon suddenly refuses to allow you to sell the item in Marketplace, you get this Amazon message of irritation. This is the entire message:


   "We Found a Match in Our Catalog.


   "Based on the information you entered, we think the product you want to sell already has a product detail page in our catalog. If it appears below, click the appropriate Sell Your Item button next to the one you want to sell. [there's no such button; click "continue"]


   "Sorry, this product is ineligible for Amazon Marketplace selling at this time. Why?


   "The product you attempted to create a page for was located in one of our Amazon catalogs but is ineligible for Marketplace selling through Amazon.com. Specifically, the product was matched and found to exist already on one of our international sites (Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.ca, or Amazon.jp). At this time, we cannot allow a duplicate page to be created in the Amazon.com catalog for this product.


   "A product found on one of our international Web sites may be eligible for Marketplace selling on that particular site. Anyone wishing to sell through another Amazon site must submit a new seller registration there. Your Amazon.com registration does not carry over. Details about our Marketplace programs are available through the Help pages of each site."


I got the above message for Hawley: Human Ecology. I then attempted to insert it into Marketplace anyway by copying the ISBN of the item they showed, putting it in the ISBN field, checking "Marketplace" on the Amazon tab, and uploading. It was, of course, rejected by Amazon, with the error message: "The product id provided for the item is invalid."


The only solution would appear to be: leave the ISBN field clear, put the ISBN in the Notes field, uncheck the Marketplace box, and attempt to make a new BASIN for the item.


 Compiled by Gwen Foss, Alan's Used Books, 2006; edited by BookTrakker Support