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Last Modified:  February 26, 2016  

Importing and Updating Amazon Listings

Amazon Import  requires that you have registered BookTrakker with Amazon. If you have not already done so please review this page: https://www.booktrakker.com/help/Amazon_Registration.htm

Amazon Import also requires that you operate BookTrakker in AlphaNumeric mode. Open BookTrakker, do Tools > Options at the top. Midway down the form check Use Alpha Record Code. Click OK at the bottom, click Yes to close the program.



 All Imports/Updates from Amazon now require a Custom All Listings Report to be created.

Login to: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/listing/reports/custom?report_type=47700

Click this button in the middle:

Then click the Save button, lower right corner to Save the changes:


If you are an FBA seller on Amazon then importing data is a two step process.

1. Import Amazon Data

2. Update FBA and/or Merchant Fulfilled Data

To Import Amazon Listings:

1. Open App Manager.

 on your desktop.

Click the Utilities/Messages tab at the top. Click the Import Amazon Data button at the bottom.

The Import Amazon Data form opens. (These instructions are based on Importing 300 Records to test the import, the message boxes will reflect that.)

Limit Import to 300 records for Testing enables you to see how your listings will look in BookTrakker, before you do your entire Inventory.

If you want to test how your data will look in BookTrakker by changing settings then repeat requests as often as necessary, until you get the formatting of Author and Title to your liking.

Exclude Non-BMVD Items means that only Books, Music, Video and DVD listings will be imported, all others will be deleted from the final database. This may not work for some sellers where Books are listed in other departments on Amazon. (Not all books go into the Books Category)

Click the respective Amazon Sites choice it should default to your Amazon account unless you have more than one, in which case you need to select which one you want.

Click the Author/Title Format button to specify how you want Author/Title data to appear in BookTrakker:

Click close to get back to the previous form.

Click the Request Report button. The Clear Database form appears. Click Yes to wipe out any existing Inventory in BookTrakker or No to Cancel.

Next is what type of Amazon seller you are. Yes for FBA, No for Merchant Fulfilled.

This form appears:

We have found that we process ~2 records per second. Click OK to get:

BookTrakker has  contacted Amazon, requested the report, and are waiting for Amazon to create it so BookTrakker can download and process the records into BookTrakker.

Download of your Amazon records has started.  First pass imports the ASIN/ISBN, Amazon Condition and Item Description, putting the latter into the Features field in BookTrakker.

Total Records is a combination of Active and Inactive records on Amazon. When the download is complete it will start to process, unless you clicked Yes for FBA, in which case it will request a file for FBA and download data from it, then go to the next step, processing the Biblio data:

Sending the ASIN or ISBN to Amazon and getting back bibliographical data about each listing. Author/Title/ Cover (Binding), Publisher, Date Published, Size and Page Count. When its finished you get:

We have discovered that this report may not be accurate, so after clicking OK you will see this message:

Import Complete. Some Status Messages relating to number of records written to the Database may not accurately reflect the final Inventory Record Count due to factors involved in the Processing.

Click OK to get:

Click OK, you will get the same message again, click OK again.

Click Done, then Close on the form that follows. Open BookTrakker to see your data.

FBA Sellers Need to do this Next Step:

2. Update FBA Data

Close BookTrakker. Open App Manager, click the Utilities tab at top. Ate the bottom is

Click that to start the FBA Update Process.

You can also access this from your desktop:

Either method brings up this form:

For purposes of doing the FBA update after the initial import, click the Update Sales and Inventory button. Leave the Sales Date range alone for this import.


If you do Merchant Fulfilled on Amazon and have Sold items you get this:


Followed by a Pick List of items Sold or Missing which you can print or not. (Missing happens because for reasons unknown we are unable to import them into BookTrakker. If you get Missing records in the Pick List you should print it, then investigate) The same Sold records are accessible in BookTrakker via a Hit List or using the Show dropdown upper right corner for Status. This is the next form in the sequence:


Followed by Biblio Data updates if there are new records added to Amazon that were not listed in BookTrakker:



If you do FBA only, you get:


Click Done to finish. Open BookTrakker and look over your records.

If you do Merchant Fulfilled as well and had new records added to BookTrakker that were added on Amazon independently of BookTrakker then you get:

Followed by:

Click OK to get:



Click Done.

Open BookTrakker to see your now updated Inventory.

You should run the Update FBA Inventory once a day thereafter. If you forget, that’s OK, as the app will know that and account for the missing time.