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Amazon - Importing from an Open Listings Report

ATTENTION!!! Read the entire page, and do all three operations, all the way to the bottom! These instructions include importing from your Amazon Open Listings Report, cleaning up the resulting data, (Author into Author, Title into Title, Publisher into Publisher, etc) and copying your Item-Note data into Features so you can upload this to services other than Amazon. You need to do this so you have cleaner data than what Amazon supplies in the Open Listing Report. 

After import, if you list elsewhere than Amazon, (or even if you don't) you should do the following:

1. Clean the data.

2. Copy Item Note to Features.

3. This is important. Do File > Export > UIEE. Click Start button at the bottom. Wait for the yellow speedometer bar to finish. Click the Close button. Doing this step tells BookTrakker that your records are Online so you can mark books Sold and upload, or work with GrabIt for Repricing and the like. 


Go to your Amazon account page.

At the top, under Inventory click on Inventory Reports

This opens up the Download Inventory File page:

Click the Dropdown the the right of Inventory Report, select Open Listings Report, right under Inventory Report. DO NOT SELECT INVENTORY REPORT!

You should see this:

Click the Request Report button. A green message will appear informing you that you have requested the report. Below the Request Report button you will see:

When the report is ready, (you can click Refresh, or wait for an email if email notification is turned on) you will see:

Click the Download button.  A message box will appear, asking if you want to Open/Run or Save the file. Click the dropdown button to the right of Save. Select Save As. In the top field you want to get the Transfer folder in the BTPro folder to appear. Doubleclick on the Local Drive [C:] name to open it up, then doubleclick on BTPro, then doubleclick on Transfer, to end up with:

See below for more detailed instructions:

  Click on the v button to the right of the long field and select System (C):
  You will see a list of folders in the big window, find the BTPro folder, doubleclick on it.
  Now the Save in field will change to:
  A new list of folders appear, select the Transfer folder, doubleclick again:
  You will see a large, empty field, and at the bottom you will see:
  Click the Save button. Do not change the File name, leave it just as it is. (The filename in the example above is representational, Amazon now names all download files as a random mix of letters and numbers, no two files have the same name)  You may get this Download form depending on the size of your download. Smaller files download so fast on DSL or cable that you never even see it:
  Wait for download to finish. Close this box when download completes. If its checked it will close automatically.

After download is complete, Open BookTrakker, then do File > Import > Amazon. You will 
get the Amazon Import Form, similar to the above Save As form. Click the dropdown button in the field at the top that says  Look in: and navigate to the C:\BTPro\Transfer folder where you downloaded your Amazon Open Listings Report. You will see catalog-generic-export in the window, select it to get this:

  Click the Open button, lower right.

A warning message will appear:

  Click Yes if you want to replace your current Inventory with the Amazon download file. Click No if you want to add the Amazon records to the end of your current Inventory. Click Cancel if you are not sure, then contact Customer Support. mailto:support@booktrakker.com

If you click Yes you will get another warning message about clearing your database:

Click Yes to clear your database and import your Amazon records. Click No to import your Amazon listings but add them to the end of your database. Click Cancel if you are not sure what to do, then contact Customer Support at mailto:support@booktrakker.com

After you confirm the import of Amazon records you will see the Amazon import message:

  If your import file was incorrect, i.e., it was an Upload Report rather than an Open Listings Report then you will get a reject message similar to this when the import is finished:
  You can only import valid records into your database.

If you imported from an Open Listings Report, and there were no records rejected, or very few, (if there are rejected records you will see the above image, reporting on how many were rejected. Click OK.) then you will see a confirmation message:


Cleaning the Data.

Because Amazon data is so "dirty", we cannot properly parse their Item-Name field into BookTrakker fields. Therefore we import Item-Name into Title, unless there is a colon in the field, in which case everything after the colon goes into Subtitle.

The Amazon Item-Name field may contain Author, Title, Binding and Edition, in no particular order, with any combination of these four fields.


American Star  by Collins, Jackie

American Soul [Paperback]  by Schurmann, Franz; Rodriguez, Richard

The Career Fitness Program : Exercising Your Options [Paperback]  by Sukiennik

Light and Color (The Young Scientist Investigates)  by Jennings, Terry; Barber

The End of the Nation State : The Rise of Regional Economies [Hardcover]  by...

Original Backyard Scientist : Experiments That Kids Can Perform Using Things...
  You can fix any listing in BookTrakker that has an ISBN or BASIN number by running the Amazon OLR function in GrabIt!, as described here
  Copying Item Note to Features.

After the import is complete you may want to copy the contents of the Item-Note field into Features for upload to ABE, Alibris and similar services. You do this through an Action Hit List:

 1. Click the Hit List tab on the left side.
 2. Click the New button. Click OK.
 3. Under Search Field click into the blank field, a dropdown button will appear. Click it and   select Status.
 4. Click the Execute button. 
 5. The hit List will run, then finish. You will be in List View. Confirm the correct number of records at the bottom.
 6. Click the Hit List tab on the left again.
 7. Click the Action tab, upper right.
 8. On the left, click on Copy.
 9. In the middle you will see Copy From: Click the dropdown and select Item Note. It will be near the end of the list in 3.3 and earlier.
10. Below this click on Copy To: Change to Features.
11. Click the Execute button. Confirm the change. 
12. Click the Red Hit List button at the top to get out of Hit List mode.


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