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Seller Engine Import

  Seller Engine Import Instructions Seller Engine 3.5 or earlier.
  Importing from an Export Item Report.
  Open Seller Engine. Click on the Export menu item at the top, select Export Item Report:
  A message box will appear, for the first import of everything in Seller Engine, click on Export all items.
  Click OK.

This brings up the Save report to form. At the top, where it says Save in, click the dropdown button on the right 
to display the contents of your hard drive.
  Select Local Disk (C), then when a window of folders appears below, doubleclick on the BTPro folder, followed by the Transfer folder, so you end up with:
  At the bottom of the form, type in BookTrakker Import.txt and click Save:
  Exit Seller Engine, open BookTrakker.

Do File > Import > Amazon:
  It opens to display:
  Click on the BookTrakker Import.txt, down below the File name field will fill in, click Open:

A warning message will appear:

  Click Yes if you want to replace your current Inventory with the Seller engine Export file. Click No if you want to add the Seller engine records to the end of your current Inventory. Click Cancel if you are not sure, then contact Customer Support.

If you click Yes you will get another warning message about clearing your database:

  Click Yes to clear your database and import your Seller engine records. Click No to import your Seller Engine listings but add them to the end of your database. Click Cancel if you are not sure what to do, then contact Customer Support at
  After you confirm the import of Seller Engine records you will see the Seller Engine import message:
  If your import file was incorrect, i.e., it was an Upload Report rather than an Open Listings Report then you will get a reject message similar to this when the import is finished:
  You can only import valid records into your database.

If you imported from the Seller Engine Export Item Report, and there were no records rejected, (records may get rejected because of carriage returns and the like inserted into the record) then you will see a confirmation message:
  Click OK. Restart BookTrakker.

We attempt to parse Seller Engine data in the following ways:

Title is parsed into Title/Subtitle. When you upload these can be recombined.

Author is set so you have Last Name, First Name; followed by a repeat of this format for additional authors. If you want First Name, Last Name then do the reverse in Seller Engine and re-export.

Publication date is set so there are four digits only, not calendar date as Seller engine has it.
  When you are done, CHECK YOUR DATA. Look for fields missing data, like Date or Publisher.
  After the import is complete you may want to copy the contents of the Item-Note field into Features for upload to ABE, Alibris and similar services. You do this through an Action Hit List:

 1. Click the Hit List tab on the left side.
 2. Click the New button
 3. Under Search Field click into the blank field, a dropdown button will appear. click it and   select Status.
 4. Click the Execute button. 
 5. The hit List will run, then finish. You will be in List View. Confirm the correct number of records at the bottom.
 6. Click the Hit List tab on the left again.
 7. Click the Action tab, upper right.
 8. On the left, click on Copy.
 9. In the middle you will see Copy From: Click the dropdown and select Item Note. It will be near the end of the list.
10. Below this click on Copy To: Change to Features.
11. Click the Execute button. Confirm the change. 
12. Click the Red Hit List button at the top to get out of Hit List mode.