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Barnes and Noble Uploader

Initial setup and operation

Contact Barnes & Noble Seller Relations at and request an account for uploads via BookTrakker. You must do this before you can setup BookTrakker to upload to Be very specific in your request, include "sFTP" and BookTrakker in the email.

Once you have your sFTP account do the following:

Click the Online button in BookTrakker. Open BN Upload on the Apps button. 

It will open up to Account Setup. Fill in Username and Password, confirm Password, then click the dropdown to select what File to Upload. Select the file you want to upload to when you do uploads. Upload_1.txt or some other file. Do Not type in a filename, select it from the list.

Click the Test button. 
If you get: Barnes and Noble Account Test Succeeded!   then click OK. 
If not, go back to Account Setup and correct, then Test again. Everything is case sensitive. 

Once the test is successful you can close the BN Uploader Control Panel. You will need to restart BookTrakker for B&N to appear in your list of services. 

The B&N Uploader Control Panel appears. This is what you will see when you select the BN Upload App from the Online Apps button after setup.

Six buttons: Upload, Purge, Download Reports, View Reports, Account Setup, Help and Close. 

During normal operation you would upload to just like you do to any Active service. 

It uploads the designated file, then writes the success or failure to the Export Log. Click Refresh Logs to see the information on Success/Failure of the upload. Standard success/failure messages.  

Setting ISBN > ISBN in the Upload File, as required by

From Inventory do File > Export > UIEE. Click Map Export Fields button. Scroll down to ISBN on the left. If you see Comments across from ISBN then click into the Comments field and click the dropdown button that appears. Select ISBN. Click the X to close (It saves automatically) Click Close. If you already have ISBN on the right then just close the forms. 


Open BN Upload on the Apps button. Click the Purge button.

Purge works by creating a file of All Online Inventory and renaming it with Purge as part of the name of the file you selected when you did Account Setup, then uploading it to to Purge all available records and replace with the records in the file. DO NOT check All Online Inventory yourself.

When emails you their file processing report you can click Download Reports, then view Reports to see the results. They should match the email. What the email does not give you is the error message when there is one, the Reports Viewer does. Right now the only error I'm getting is because I use Poor in Book. 

SKU|Transaction|File Record#|Error#|Error Text
||9|11102|Invalid Data. Value 'Poor' for Tag 'CN|' cannot be recognized.| just doesn't allow Poor books to be listed. Fair, yes. You can change Poor to Fair if you really want the Poor books listed, I'm not sure its worth the hassle. 

Caveat: There is no relationship between the SKU in the report and BookTrakker. 

You must have Very Good selected on the Export Setup form for to process the Condition properly:

File > Export > UIEE/Online > Export Setup > (or Export Setup from the Online screen, followed by UIEE/Online > Export Setup) Set Book/DJ display at the bottom of the form:

WARNING: only processes the Book in Book/DJ, and at present does not post the Book/DJ description on the website, with your listings. If in doubt about an order you should contact the customer. 

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