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Section 1 :: Basics 
1. Begin Getting Started   9.   Invoices Apply credit balance to invoice 
2. SendDB How To SendDB 10.   Catalogs Create catalog in RTF for email  
3. Record #'s Using all numbers for Rec#  11.   Remote Data Entry Remote Data Entry  
Using AlphaNumeric for Rec#  12.   Shortcut Keys Keyboard Shortcut Keys
4. Book Status Change Without Editing A Record    13.   Edition & Printing Edition and printing equivalencies  
5. BackUps Backup and Restore 3.4 or Later  14.   Menu Bars Menu bars 
6. Columns Add, delete, rearrange columns 15.  


Uploads and more 
7. Hit Lists Definition / How To Instructions


Amazon Data Entry / Uploads Amazon 
8. New Computer Changing Computers


New Features and Updates                            Network Setup

Section 2 :: PlugIns                                                                                   Section 3 :: Pre-3.7 Editions

1.   GrabIt! Description:  GrabIt!     
2.   GrabIt! User Group 
For discussions of GrabIt! operation and  announcements. To join, click this link User Group. After Yahoo! page opens, click 'Join This Group!' button located at the upper right of the Yahoo screen.
3.   CheckIt and CheckIt Pro
CheckIt and CheckIt Pro  
Description, Prices, How to Buy, and Registration 
CheckIt User GuideCheck It Pro User Guide  
Non-Existent Amazon Programs
1.   For BookTrakker 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0 or Amazon .ca or .uk users who do not have version 3.4.
Upload to Amazon using UIEE  
2.   For V2.0 and V2.1 Users ONLY: 
Backup/Restore Installation and Download
Known Issues and Fixes for V2.0 and V2.1

Section 4  :: Help Resources   
Available Free Resources:
1.   Instant Help  Open BookTrakker. Press F1 on your computer keyboard     for Context-Sensitive Help in most sections.
2.   Email group for 
Every new user who buys BookTrakker is invited to join the registered users' email group. If you missed it  the first time here it is again: Email Group  Free to registered users
3.   Email group for 
For new users who have not purchased BookTrakker     and do not wish to contact Support directly:
4.   Link to Remote Client
   Remote Support Client
Live-Person Support
1.  During the 30-Day Free Trial you can get One Free Import  of your current data from another database or online into BookTrakker along with Free Support by phone or email. 
2.  You will continue to receive Free Operational Support for 90 days after purchase and registration.
3.  After the 90 days, support is free through the email user group or the occasional small incident. If we do not have documentation on the issue in the Help within the program or Online help then we do not charge for support.
Related Links  ::  Premium Support & mediation are available.  read more

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