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BookTrakker Network Setup

BookTrakker supports Networking under Windows.  Setup for new users is generally automatic, however, there is a manual means by which to set up the Network.
BookTrakker Network Setup
App Manager Computers/Network Tab On the Server

The process normally begins by Sharing the BookTrakker Data Folder on the Computer that has been designated as the 'Server'.  This is the Computer that will store the Database Folder for access by the other computers.  In cases where the Data Folder has not been automatically shared there will be a button, as shown above, with the caption Share BT Data Folder.  Clicking this button will invoke the process to share the BookTrakker Data Folder for access from Client Computers.

Once the Data Folder on the Server Computer has been shared we can proceed to the Clients to Map the Network Drive to the Shared Folder.

Note: App Manager will create a new Account on the Server Computer with the name "BTUser".  This is required to eliminate the need for users to remember Account Names and Passwords which are required on the Client Computer to establish the authorization to Map a Network Drive to the Shared Data Folder.  This user may appear on the Login screen and can be ignored.
Computers-Network Form
App Manager Computers/Network Tab On the Client

The Computers/Network Tab on the Client will display the Connect to BT Server button in place of the Share BT Data Folder button that appears on the Server.  Once the Server Share has been configured clicking the Connect to BT Server button will find and connect to the Server.  This will also update the Data Path to reflect the Mapped Drive Path.


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