Network Setup For Your Computer, any Windows.


1. On the Server, open Windows Explorer. Right click on C drive, click Share with > Advanced Sharing. Click Advanced Sharing button. Check Share this folder checkbox at the top. Click the Permissions button below. Under Permissions for everyone, check Full Control. Click OK. Click OK, etc.

2. On the Client, open Windows Explorer. Right click on Computer or This PC, select Map Network Drive. Click the Browse button. Click the > to the left of the Server computer. Folders open up below. Click the > to the left of C, then do the same for the BTPro folder, then click on Data. Click OK.

Make sure Reconnect at login is checked. Click Finish.

3. Repeat for other clients.


4. To network BookTrakker, close BookTrakker on the Server. Open BookTrakker on a Client. Do Tools > Options at the top. Click the yellow folder button across from Data Folder in the center, (where it says "<- Click to Set Data Folder Path) and navigate to the BTPro/Data folder on the server by clicking the dropdown button where it says c, just below the word Path. Select the Z drive that represents the Data folder on the server. When you have the Data folder open the OK button will work. Click OK. Click yes to close BookTrakker. Open BookTrakker on the client. You will get "Linking Tables", then BookTrakker will open, displaying the data on the server.

5. Repeat for each client.


6. If you installed BookTrakker on the client as a network client then when you click the OK after connecting to the Data folder on the Server you will get “Linking Tables” immediately.