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How to print a catalog in rich text format (RTF) to email.

1. Make a hit list of the information you want to send.
2. Go to Catalogs
3. In “Design Catalog Format” find “List to Use”
Use pull down tab to find your hit list
4. Make whatever formatting changes needed
5. Go to “Preview / Print Catalog”
6. Create a Catalog (don’t send it out of BT)
7. Go back to “Detail View” of the Inventory
8. Go up to the “File” tab at the very top left corner of the screen
9. Under “File” Go to “Export”
10. Under “Export” go to General Export
11. Find the box to the left of the screen where there are radio buttons (Labeled Export type) Pick “RFT Catalog File”
12. Click on the Destination Folder & Fill in where you want your Catalog to be found (I use my desktop as a place to store stuff, because I can find it easily)
13. Find the “Catalog Template” Pull down menu.
14. Pick Sample Catalog 2 (this catalog doesn’t include the extra colors & fancy stuff of Catalog one, but does have the nice layout…the colors are what get transferred to html.) If you don't have Sample Catalog 2 then you may need to go back to Catalogs and create and name your own.
15. Select the Category/Hit List at the bottom.
16. Hit Export
17. Find your catalog.
18. For sending, you can either attach this catalog to an email (not recommended as attachments are a no-no) or copy & paste the info (recommended) to the email.
19. Take a break after doing a nifty new task. The next time will be a breeze!

Contributed by Stephanie Howlett-West of S. Howlett-West Books , URL