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BookTrakker: No-Holds-Barred Tech Support 
No buttons to push, no music to listen to. Just plain old fashioned Personal Service. 
We check voicemail several times a day in case we are busy when you call.

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              7 days a week

If you do not get a prompt reply to an email. . . Please consider that we may not have received your email, and contact us by phone instead.

Telephone:  (540) 886-0651   
Monday through Saturday 
10:00 AM to 5:00PM EST when Iím in the shop.
Wednesday 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM EST

Support for those using the BookTrakker FREE Version is limited to Email.




During the 30-Day Free Trial you can get One Free Import  of your current data from another database or online into BookTrakker. 

You will continue to receive Free Operational Support indefinitely, phone or email, providing you are a subscriber.

Extra support is available for a per incident charge or covered if you purchase a Premium Support Package - see below. Extra support is for issues that you need extra help on that is already available, or for conflicts with the services that you cannot resolve on your own, such as Amazon. New users do not need to purchase support. Premium support only apples to users who need a lot of ongoing support, all the time. 

Available Free Resources:
1.  *Access free information through Help in the BookTrakker program menu bar or online at

2.  *Every new user who buys BookTrakker is invited to join the registered users' email group and if you missed it or declined the first time here it is again should you need it:  Email Group for Registered Users who have Purchased BookTrakker.

3. *BookTrakker's group email list is free to registered users, and any support given through the list is free. This is for new users who have not purchased BookTrakker and do not wish to contact Support directly:

Paid Per Incident Support (*see below for information):  We reserve the option to charge for support requests on a per incident basis, at $25 or higher per request.  

Premium Support packages (see below) cover all the support issues you would rather not have to deal with on your own. *Some restrictions apply.  With Premium support you ask us for Help. You do not need to use the program help or online help. * Premium Support does not include reconstructing databases or support for issues that are outside the standard use of BookTrakker. Just fire off an email to or call the support number.

Expect a reply to email with 24 hours or less. And be patient. Sometimes even we miss seeing an email. 

Premium Support does NOT include the services of our engineer to diagnose computer problems that are causing BookTrakker, CheckIt or GrabIt to stop working. Premium Support also does not include database recovery when your database becomes corrupted. It also does not include program updates. 

When Premium Support cannot fix your problem you can contract with our engineer for Custom Support at $125 per session.

Such support includes issues when something on your computer is blocking BookTrakker, CheckIt or GrabIt from working.

If you need us to recover the database then the charge is $75 to recover from the BookTrakker database or $50 to import data from one of your online services.

Under NO circumstances does any support package cover custom programming. We do not do that. 

If you own an earlier version that is not working and the latest upgrade fixes the issue then you have to do the upgrade to get the fix. We do not fix older installations of BookTrakker or its Apps.

You are Not required to purchase Premium Support when you buy BookTrakker. 


Buy Premium Support or Buy Per Incident Support

Why purchase a Premium Support Package? 

To cover the unexpected.
To cover support issues you would rather not have to deal with. 

To avoid a per incident charge when you are covered by the Premium Support Package. 
To ask questions about using BookTrakker without limit. You pay for it so you get it. 
 . . .Buy  the package, let us worry about it. 

Premium Support Selections 

Custom Support Issues     

Per Incident 

Instructions: Set Quantity to reflect the total charge for this incident. Quantity of 1 for $25, 2 for $50, etc. Then click the Recalculate button. This is only for the $25 and up button.


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