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Uploads :: Upload Books - Online Service Wizard -  Reupload Files - Purge/Replace 

Instructions for Online Service Wizard  For One Click Uploads

Adding a new service
Set-up instructions online services *except Amazon - *see below.
Manual Upload - Reupload File To Selected Service
1. ABE Manual Upload Uploading to ABE through their website
For Any BookTrakker Version prior to 3.7
9. *Amazon  a.  Upload to Amazon using OneClick  
     For BookTrakker 3.6 or later.
2. Chrislands Manual Uploading to your Chrislands Website through their website
For Any BookTrakker Version prior to 3.7
b.  Amazon Data Entry and Upload Setup   
     For BookTrakker 3.6 or later.  
3. Differential Pricing   Uploading Multiple Prices c.  UploadIt Instructions   UploadIt
     For BookTrakker 3.6 or later.
4. Alibris for under 1000
Alibris1000Records  Less than 1000 records on Alibris:  d.  Import from Amazon Open Listings Report   
     For BookTrakker 3.6 or later.  
5. Barnes and Noble  BNUploader e.  Explanation of Amazon Error Messages 
6. Homebase 2   Import Homebase 2 data f.  Amazon Sales Rankings - What do they Mean?
Collecting ISBN information with Homebase, then importing into BookTrakker  
g. Amazon Registration After Installation - Use these 
instructions if you need to reregister BookTrakker with Amazon
7. Readerware & Tab Delimited Using Readerware for ISBN lookup, or importing from a Tab Delimited file 
8. Seller Engine Import from Seller Engine  

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