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Record Navigation / Numeric
BookTrakker Pro Record Navigation and Status Changes and how they affect Uploading

BookTrakker is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to move between records and change the Status of records without having to go into Edit Mode.

Jump to Record
In BookTrakker, in the Detail View of Inventory, the focus of the cursor is ALWAYS in the Rec#  field. You can navigate to any record number by just typing it on your keyboard, then pressing Enter. Suppose we are on Record Number 13247 and wish to go to 1234:

Type 1234 on your keyboard, press Enter, to get to:

The advantage of this method is that when an order comes in you do not have to use the Find button to get to the record; just type in the number and press Enter, and you are there. 

Changing Status is equally as simple.

Change Status to SOLD
The process for marking an individual book Sold is similar. Just type the letter S on your keyboard. A message will appear:

Note that the focus is on the Yes button. This means you do not have to click the button, just press Enter on your keyboard to confirm the sale of the book. The cursor will turn into an hourglass, and after a few seconds you will get:

Status will change to Sold, Quantity (QTY) will decrease to 0, and the record will be marked for upload for the next upload cycle.

Change Status to ON HOLD using the letter h or H
If you wanted to put the book On Hold, type in the letter H (case insensitive), then Confirm the change by either clicking the Yes button or by simply pressing Enter.

You end up with:

Placing a book On Hold also marks it for upload in the next upload cycle. The online services know that any upload record from BookTrakker that has any book set as anything other than Available means they remove the listing from their database.

Change Status to AVAILABLE using the letter a or A
If the book does not sell then you can reset it to Available by typing A (case insensitive) on your keyboard, which brings up the message: 

Again, the focus is on the Yes button. If you want the record to be uploaded as Available then press Enter or click the Yes button, which will mark the record as Available, set List Online to Yes, and mark it for upload in the next upload cycle. 

List Online is how you tell
BookTrakker that you want your record listed online. If List Online is set to No, then the record will not be uploaded.  


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