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Change Status / Jump to Record 

BookTrakker always opens up to Inventory Detail View so that  the focus is always on the Rec # field. 

The Rec # field acts like a fast-entry box,  allowing you to quickly jump to another record or change the status of the current record.  This by itself can save you tremendous amounts of time once you learn how easy it is and use it..

Jump To Record
The focus is already on the Rec # field.  You do not have to delete the number that is already thereType the record number into in the Rec # field, hit Enter and BookTrakker does the rest. Try it out. 

Change Status
You do not have to open Edit Record to change its Status. 
For the following Status changes, you DO NOT have to Edit the record.

Action  Numeric   Alphanumeric, use Ctrl key in front of the letters as follows:
change Status to Sold type S then press Enter key   Ctrl-S, then press Enter key
change Status to On Hold  type H, then press Enter key   Ctrl-H, then press Enter key
reset  Status from On Hold to Available type A, then press Enter key   Ctrl-A, then press Enter key
set an Available record to upload again type A, then press Enter key
(same keystrokes as above)
  Ctrl-A, then press Enter key
(same keystrokes as above)

Other single letter keys as follows:
*Note:  if your Rec # field is alphanumeric, use the Ctrl key in front of each letter - same as above..

P Special                    I Missing

D AvailDup               R Removed

U Auction                  N In Store

G Pending                  F FBA

Only books with Status = Available and List Online = Yes will be added to the online databases. Books where you change the Status to something other than Available will be uploaded for removal from the services, including books On Hold.

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