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BookTrakker 3.7.1372; UploadIt 152

We have released updates to BookTrakker and Apps. Go Here to see New features and Bug Fixes not recorded on this page.

Network users need to close BookTrakker on all computers, then update the main machine (server) first, followed by each client, all with BookTrakker closed. Do not ever run BookTrakker as a mixed update.

There have been reports from some network users of incomplete updates on client machines. An error message pops up on the installation that did not update when you try and edit a record. If that happens close on all computers, then doubleclick the SendDB icon on your desktop for the computer reporting the error, then contact me directly at

BookTrakker is going to become multi-tasking going forward, with some new features not usually associated with the original design.

The changes and new fields you will see are:

 1. Set record to upload if Save button is clicked when scanning or editing an image. Useful for adding images after the fact. You will still need to upload images to your hosting service before you do uploads if you are uploading Image URLs

 2. Added CDRom to Binding choices for Book Loader. Has to say CDRom or Cd-Rom or any combination. Not case sensitive. You can create new pages for CDRom's or update existing pages you created previously by deleting the ASIN from the ASIN field and uploading.

 3. Changed Plugins button label to Apps. The label on the button. Everyone understands Apps, nobody understands Plugins. (Its going to take some time to update all the Help online that refers to Plugins)

 4. Minimum/Maximum prices to Amazon. Tools > Options > Pricing have fields for Minimum and Maximum prices for all three Amazon services. This is a global effect, applies to all records, but only if they are uploaded. To apply to all listings online will require an All Online Inventory upload to Amazon. See:

If you are a Pro or Network user and do not have any Pending Orders, and all Sold records have been processed, you can use CheckIt to find records that should be on Amazon but were removed for pricing problems, and set them for upload. The upload will add in the Minimum/Maximum prices for each record. Default is .01/100000. Zero is not allowed.

I use 6 and 2000. If by some chance I price a record below 6 or above 2000 then that record will not be processed. It will generate an error.


 5. Label Printing in Inventory and Contacts (In beta. Needs work, definitely incomplete) Print button now has a dropdown, Print for the individual record as before or Label for an individual label. Currently works with Dymo. Users have to KNOW how to use the Dymo label printer, we will not be able to supply instructions. Label setup is on the default tab in Tools > Options. This is a work in progress, definitely in Beta. A message box will popup for every Label you try and print.

We needed to add printing of book labels for the new Point of Sale (POS) app and decided that we can also do the same for single address labels as well. My comprehension of setting up the printers and label design is Zilch, so please do not ask me how. I think there are quite a few subscribers who do understand this and can explain it. Once we have it down pat we should be able to provide instructions. We are working on adding the Zebra printer to the printer choices.

An example of an Inventory label: The barcode is for the Rec# below the barcode. When we release the POS app you will be able to scan in the barcode to add the record to an invoice in the POS app. Eventually it may work with BookTrakker invoices as well.

The expected cost of the POS app for those who are interested is $50/mo for the first computer, $25/mo for additional computers. Starting out it will be very basic, doing the minimum POS operations. We will add to it over time.

 6. Copy Record #  persists. This means if you select Copy Record # and type in #2 when you do New Record and Copy Once is not checked it will copy Record # 2, over and over. Useful if you are doing a copy from a default record and just making small changes. I notice quite a few users do this, now it will be a lot easier. (And work as originally designed)

7. New check boxes for Credit/Discount/Tax. (CDT) POS only for now, POS app not yet ready. We needed to update the database so it would be ready for POS release. These check boxes have nothing to do with the current BookTrakker, we needed to add them in so we could finish development of the POS app. We are working on Invoices right now, for scanning books out of inventory when sold through the POS app.

Eventually we may apply the CDT to current invoicing in BookTrakker, where appropriate.

 8. Changed display of dates on right side of Prices tab. Now matches the left side.

 9. Date Range in Hit lists no operates properly, whether US or UK settings are used.

10. The error in marking books Sold by doing Edit Record, then selecting Sold from the dropdown Status list with the mouse is now fixed.

11. App Manager now displays a tool tip for each Edition in the Choose BookTrakker Edition frame. Hold your mouse over each Edition to see it. Pay careful attention to the Basic and Advanced Collectors Editions, note that they include (No Uploads). Many users when changing computers have mistakenly selected one of the Collectors versions because of the posted price, only to find out they cannot upload. Hopefully this will reduce this error.

12. The new App Manager also includes a button on the Utilities/Messages tab for remote connections via Teamviewer. Button is labelled Quick Support. Teamviewer enables us to connect directly to your computer for diagnostics or training. It is not installed unless the button is clicked and you download/install it.

13. Updates to CheckIt. Pro and Network users only. After requesting and downloading/processing the report from Amazon (Update ASINs and ISBNs) users can click the check ASINs button to find records in BookTrakker that are not on Amazon. Requires that all Sold and Pending orders are processed out of BookTrakker, as Sold or On Hold, then uploaded.

We have found that Amazon sometimes "deletes" Active listings for reasons unknown, Check ASINs will allow you to set these records for upload. Doing so completely removes them from the Amazon database, the next upload adds them back in, as Active Listings.


14. Added a button to CheckIt, upper right, to connect directly, after login, to the Amazon Upload page so users can see where their files go, and see the error reports. "Go to Upload Processing Page on Amazon to View Processing Reports"

15. Enabled the Main Image check in UploadIt to persist, all subsequent uploads will include Main Image for Book Loader upload files, and if an ASIN or ISBN is present then for Listing Loader files.


16. Added Ephemera to Book Loader so users can create new product detail pages on Amazon for Ephemera. 

See: for an example.





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