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Price Increase Notification 

Due to the increasing complexity of the market and development along with a need to build a viable business that is not Part-Time we must revise our Pricing to reflect the changing environment.

We need to prepare for the time when BookTrakker 3.7 will not run under a future version of Windows, and this requires more resources than we have now.  The goal is to be able to hire a few employees to enable this development, which will take 1 to 2 years and must be complete before Microsoft disables support for the platform that BookTrakker 3.7 is built upon (Visual Basic 6.0 from the 1990s).

We have no knowledge of when the sunset will happen, but eventually we have to assume the ancient code base of BookTrakker 3.7 will no longer run, and we have to prepare for this as soon as we can.

Modern Networks have increased in complexity and the support levels have increased, so Network will be subject to a two stage increase six months apart.

Collectible and Basic versions will not be affected by this Price Change.

On August 15th, 2021, the Subscription Pricing will change to the following (Rates are expressed as Primary Computer/Additional Computers)

As noted, the Network Rate will increase again in February; we have determined that the vast majority of our support requests come from Network Users so we must adjust accordingly.

Rates are shown as 1st Computer/Additional Computers


Old Rate

New Rate

Feb '22 Rate

BookTrakker Pro




BookTrakker Network





We will also be introducing a new product CloudSync that will provide support for multiple separate physical locations.  This might be two shops, a shop and a warehouse, or a data entry person.  It will support Network versions only, so a Network Subscription is required, and there is a $25/mo charge per site to support the CloudSync functionality.

Initially only Inventory data will be synchronized, but eventually we plan to synchronize any data that supports the process Customers, Wants and possibly Invoices, although the latter may not be supported.


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